Does the program have IRB approval or does each facility need to receive the approval of their IRB?

nutritionDay Worldwide does have IRB/Ethics approval.  This information can be found on the global website,

However, some facilities require IRB approval from their facility. We recommend an IRB waiver or an expedited process.  The patient care on nutritionDay does not change. The data taken from the patient may vary from standard of practice.  Also all facilities and patient information is anonymous through a coding process. The IRB process may be eased by working with your pharmacy.

You may also consider approaching your quality control team and use nutritionDay as a benchmarking initiative for nutritional care accreditation purposes.

What is the exclusion criteria?

Breast fed infants

Any patient admitted or discharges on nutritionDAy

All patients on the participating unit on nutritionDay should be encouraged to participate

Is the data anonymous?

Yes, your first year of participation, you will need to apply for your facility code and unit code on  Patient identification is also coded.  Only the codes are submitted with the nutritionDay data.

Does the patient’s birthday need to be included on the forms?

No, only the birth year is included on Sheet 2 of the non-ICU and nursing home forms. Age is included on sheet 2 of the ICU form.

Are sample protocols available:

Yes, a sample protocol available on our website under Hospital or Nursing Homes or by contacting

Is the 2010 protocol available on still current?


Do we need to obtain patient consent for the records kept by nutritionDay?

Follow your hospitals policies for the need for a patient consent for a minimally invasive study, registry or audit. A patient consent is not required by nutritionDay