Is it possible to enter some data, exit the website and enter the remaining data at a later date?

Yes, just make sure all your data is entered before the data entry shuts down for data analysis. This usually occurs 30 days after the outcome data is collected.

Is the same ID and password for entering used for data entry?


non-ICU use the following:

ID: (facility code)nd(unit code)

Password: (unit code)

ICU use the following:

ID: (facility code)icu(unit code)

Password: (unit code)

Nursing Home use the following:

ID: (facility code)nh(unit code)

Password: (unit code)

What is the timeline for data entry after nutritionDay?

Electronic data entry can occur one day following nutritionDay and remain open until 10-14 days after outcome data is collected.  The data entry will than shut down to prepare the preliminary data report.  The electronic data entry will re-open a couple of days after and remain open for approximately one more month/mid February.