30/60/180 Days After nutritionDay

30 Days: non ICU

60 Days: ICU

180 Days or 6 months: Long Term Care

  1. Through a medical record review, complete the Unit Patient list outcome for all participating nutritionDay patients. On this website, nutritionDayUS.org, hover over hospital, click on 9th tab (Hospital non ICU forms), click again on Outcome_patientlist_lbs_inch_english.
  2. Submit this data electronically within 30 days after your designated outcome data data described above on www.nutritionday.org.
    1. Click on mynday/login in upper right corner
    2. Click on data entry/upload
    3. Click on data entry for nday 2015
      1. Green for Hospital
      2. Orange for ICU
      3. Yellow for Nursing Home
    4. Enter your data entry code
      1. Hospitals: (center code)nd(unit code)
      2. ICU: (center code)ICU(unit code)
      3. Nursing Homes: (center code)nh(unit code)
    5. Enter your unit code
    6. Click on the third tab from the left, “Patients Overview”
    7. Click on the first box under the first column “Patients Detail (Sheet 2 & Outcome)”
    8. Enter outcome data in top box highlighted in orange
    9. REMEMBER date entry: DAY/MONTH/YEAR
    10. Click on Patients Overview tab
    11. Go back to step 7, above, and click on second box
    12. Continue to all patients are entered