1. Skip this step if you already have a center code from prior nutritionDay participation
  2. Access the global nutritionDay website: www.nutritionday.org
  3. Click on “my nDay” on top right side of site
  4. Click on red “order new center code” located in the center of the screen
  5. Enter user name and password from your registration process (see step 1)
  6. Complete the basic facility profile information requested
  7. Click on  “order a center code”
  8. An overview of your registered facility and the associated unit code will appear.
  9. You can order a additional codes via the same process if necessary
  10. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email confirming your facility code.
  11. “ordered not yet active” will become “active” once your facility code has been confirmed by responding to the email described above.