Assign the unit to the corresponding centre. Make sure you choose the correct category for hospitals. You will receive a confirmation email with your codes once this has been successfully processed. The codes remain valid for your units in the future so please save the confirmation email. In case you participate with other units next year please order a new unit code for the respective ward. Use step by step guidance for help!



Order a unit code for each participating unit. Skip this step if this unit was registered for nutritionDay in prior years.

  1. Access the global nutritionDay website:
  2. Click on “my nDay” on top right side of site
  3. Click on order new unit code
  4. Enter user name and password from your registration process (see step 1)
  5. Complete the brief unit questionnaire
  6. Click on “order a unit code”
  7. An overview of your registered center and the associated unit code is shown.
  8. To order another unit code, scroll down the form
  9. Repeat steps 1-6.
  10. Continue step 9 for all of the participating units.
  11. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours after each unit code is processed.
  12. Please confirm the unit code by responding to this email
  13. Within 24 hours, “ordered, not yet active” will change to “active” after your code has been confirmed.
  14. You can always order more codes, if necessary, and whenever