What is PaO2/FiO2 on the ICU Sheet 3?

PaO2/FiO2 is an index of arterial oxygenation efficiency that corresponds to ratio of partial pressure of arterial O2 to the fraction of inspired O2

PaO2 is the partial pressure of oxygen in blood – you catch this value with the blood gas analysis (mmHg)

FiO2: is the fraction inspiration of oxygen (%)

Sheet 3:

Does the Ramsey Score need to be completed if the patient is not sedated?

If this is your current practice, please do not change any of your processes or policies for nutritionDay.  So if you do not perform a Ramsey Score on patients that are not sedated, do not complete the Ramsey Score for nutritionDay.


If a patient is taking nutrition orally and not on nutrition support, how do I specify that on the ICU forms?

This is briefly asked on Sheet 4 of the ICU forms.  Do not use the non-ICU form 3a/3b for ICU patients.